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With its large backlit display and keyboard for navigation in interactive menus, SOLO Black Edition sound level meter can be used instantly and intuitively.
Resulting from a continuous innovation process, SOLO Black Edition offers the latest technological advances in terms of readability, operating lifetime and wireless communication. SOLO Black Edition is the first sound level meter (together with DUO) offering an integrated multi-frequency multi-level auto check of the complete measurement chain, from the microphone to the displayed level. Such a new feature provides a metrological warranty for the user, flexibility, speed and time saving to all interventions.

    SOLO Black Edition sound level meter is declined by application:
  • SOLO Vehicle Application, for the Vehicle Noise Control,
  • SOLO Environment Application, for Acoustics in Industry and Environment.



These sounds originate from public or private areas and are due to abnormally noisy behaviour. Noisy activities (individual, commercial, industrial, leisure...) are now subject to national regulations or specific international protection of the environment and living environment.
The Environment application of SOLO Black Edition allows the sound level meter getting results compliant with the international standard ISO 1996 Part 1 and 2 - Description and Measurement of environmental Noise. Thus, it is possible to characterize the measurement by marking a particular source and calculating real-time tone indicators and octave or 1/3 octave spectrum. With this module, the trigger function can record the signal and/or mark measurements if the noise level exceeds a predefined trigger level.


Dedicated to vehicle noise, SOLO Black Edition allows for the simultaneous measurement of sound levels and engine speed for the vehicle under test. The microphone is used both as an external noise transducer and tachometer. SOLO Black Edition includes simple visual display screens and fully complies with the ISO 5130 standard.it operates with an automatic sequencing that does not require any action from the operator. When the procedure is completed the result can be printed directly.

  • Single display for noise and engine speed
  • Compatibility with almost all types of vehicle
  • Design for a single user
  • Acoustic tachometry significantly improves the success rate of the measurement, while being a lot more handy than a stand-alone tachometer
  • Measurement data storage in the internal memory that can be transferred to a PC for archives
  • Delivered with all accessories required for positioning
  • Robust and lightweight equipment, suitable case included
  • “Getting started with noise measurements” CD-ROM
Possible to upgrade to the “Neighbourhood Noise” application.


    Memory Module
  • Large memory capacity for an extended storage
  • Long-time measurements access (data and audio)
    Audio Module
  • Audio recordings for play back and sound sources identification
  • Post-processing of audio signal using dBFA
    Trigger Module
  • Markers with events triggered on threshold level
  • Logic output (TTL)
    Auto Check Module
  • Manual test of the entire measurement chain, including the microphone
  • Level and frequency linearity check
    Wireless remote control Module
  • Control of the SOLO Black Edition remotely from a laptop or a tablet PC
  • Remote data viewer and markers
  • Recorded and written comment