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Astrophysics provides standard Operator Training, but also offers comprehensive Computer Based Training (CBT) software.

STANDARD OPERATOR TRAINING: After system installation, the Field Service Technician will provide the extensive Operator’s Manual and walk the operator(s) through basic system parts, common operation errors and the AOCP, including software functionality and image manipulation. Systems have a complimentary Computer Based Training (CBT) Tutorial with a limited program and small pre-scanned image library. Astrophysics includes the Operator’s Manual, basic training, and CBT Tutorial as standard to ensure the operators gain a general understanding of system operation and Astrophysics screening tools.
COMPUTER BASED TRAINING (CBT): The full CBT training is available on all systems and can be activated on any standard computer for optimized screening flexibility. CBT includes a comprehensive 2-4 hour Operator Training Course as well as a 5-10 hour Simulation Course. The program covers x-ray screening fundamentals, a step-by-step walkthrough of Astrophysics software features, as well as detailed training reports and records management. Utilizing an extensive image library of over 1000 industry specific innocent and threat objects, CBT exposes operators to diverse images and improves their detection accuracy.