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Bench-Top Lab 200N (BTL-200N)

The most Affordable Raman-based Narcotic Identification Solution Available

The most cost-effective solution of its kind on the market, the BTL-200N enables law enforcement to quickly and easily perform narcotic identification in-house. With a library of over 200 illicit substances, synthetic drugs, bath salts, precursors and cutting agents, the BTL-200N can identify the vast majority of illicit substances found on the street. Auto-generated, tamper-proof reports support the legal process.
When street mixtures are analyzed, the unit indicates both the narcotics plus the adulterants in the mixtures. This is especially helpful with “intelligence-led investigations”. For example: location and movement of dealers can be identified when you have multiple drug buys that use the same cutting agents in their mixtures.

  • Identifies cocaine, meth, heroin, MDMA, synthetic cannabinoids, bath salts, precursors and cutting agents
  • Library contains over 200 illicits, precursors, cutting agents, and synthetics
  • Non-destructive, tamper-free analysis preserves evidence
  • Category A (SWGDRUG), lab-proven results supports the prosecution
  • Generates automated reports and identification of mixture strengths for intelligence-led investigations
  • Eliminates false positives
  • Simple to use with dependable results in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy upgrade path to the Centice Pharmaceutical Library which contains over 3,600 prescription drugs

Key Benefits

  • Presents stronger presumptive evidence
  • Identifies mixtures in street drugs to aid in intelligence-led investigations
  • Enables law enforcement to hold defendant immediately
  • Instant, scientific results strengthens officer’s negotiating posture
  • Speeds arrest and detention process
  • Delivers flexibility in field operations
  • Enhances inter-agency communication

Key Features


  • Identifies a Broad Range of Illicit Substances
  • Narcotics
  • Precursors
  • Cutting Agents
  • Street Mixtures
  • Synthetic Cannibinoids
  • Bath Salts (Cathinones)

Extensive Library

  • Includes over 200 Illicits, Precursors, Cutting Agents, Bath Salts (Cathinones), and Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • Identifies Cutting Agents in Street Mixtures
  • Option to Upgrade to Pharmaceutical Library


  • Results in Less Than 30 seconds
  • Single Test to determine Street Mixtures


  • No Periodic Factory Calibration Reports
  • Records History of Usage and Results
  • Generates Simple User-Friendly Reports

Raman Spectroscopy: Centice’s Science Platform

Using lasers to excite molecules in any targeted sample, Centice captures and measures the “signature” of the resulting reflected energy patterns, or Raman spectra. Since each substance has a unique molecular composition, the spectral signature will also be unique. Comparing these results with the Centice custom databases to provide positive substance identification is how Centice leverages Raman spectroscopy to help today’s law enforcement professionals arrest confidently, convict faster, and win and close more cases.

BTL-200N System Specifications

Weight 11.5 lbs
Size Spectrometer: 6.5 x 11 x 3.5
Netbook: 7 x 10 x 1
Library Over 200 narcotics, cutting agents and precursors
Option to upgrade to Pharmaceutical Library with over 3,600 prescription pills
Data Export Formats CSV, Excel® spreadsheet, PDF
Interface USB
Operating Temperature -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
Languages English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Thais
Spectral range 500-1800cm-1
Spectral resolution 6-8 cm-1
Laser wavelength 785nm +/- 0.5nm
Laser spot size 1.5 mm