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The Chem-ID is a highly accurate and completely field-ready “laboratory-in-a-box.” It saves the user thousands of dollars on laboratory costs by providing a quick and detailed chemical analysis of over 100 chemicals including toxic industrial chemicals and meth lab chemicals. The Chem-ID’s chemical library is ever expanding and fully customizable for any analysis.

The Chem-ID is easily transported and can even be operated by remote control in the most hazardous environments. The ability to analyze samples in the field eliminates problems associated with conventional collection, shipping, storage, and processing of samples of unknown agents. Analysis results can be quickly downloaded and emailed to any location with built-in Bluetooth capabilities.
Harsh testing environments are no match for the Chem-ID. It is rugged, waterproof, and completely sealed for easy decontamination. Large buttons coupled with a high-resolution, 65,000 color, backlit LCD display make operation of the Chem-ID comfortable even while wearing Hazmat gear.
The Chem-ID provides immediate test results on site, providing rapid containment opportunities and eliminating costly and time-delayed laboratory analyses.


Mission Handheld Chemical Identifier
Radiation Detector Multi-dimensional gas chroma-tography with thermal conductivity detectors
Display High-resolution 65,000 color 3.6" (320 x 240) backlit LCD
Power Military grade rechargeable battery
Battery Life 14 Chemical analyses
Analysis Time < 10 mins
Calibration Automatic
Dimensions 16.25" x 7.75" x 9"
Weight 15.9 lbs
Environment Driving rain, 5° F - 130° F