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Rad-DXG Gateway Monitor

The Rad-DXG is a ruggedized, industrial grade gateway monitor that can be utilized to detect radioactive material. The Rad-DXG utilizes large area plastic scintillators totaling up to 1440 cubic inches to detect the movement of gamma emitting isotopes passing through doorways, entrance gates or other similar openings. The instrument is durable and easy to operate with minimal training. Installation can be permanent or temporary. All of the data for the system is stored in a non-volatile memory, capable of maintaining the data for 10 years.

The Rad-DXG utilizes the latest field proven, microprocessor circuitry and large area plastic scintillators to accurately and rapidly measure gamma radiation from 60 KeV to 2 MeV. The instrument is very user friendly and can be utilized by persons with minimal training. Radiation detection is by 2 to 4 – 40” long plastic scintillators with a total volume of 1440 cubic inches. Each Scintillator has a low energy window made of 1/32” aluminum that permits the Rad-DXG to measure gamma radiation from 60 KeV. The scintillators are contained in a durable aluminum housing that can be quickly disassembled with commonly used hand tools. The readout and data entry are accessed through a large area color monitor that utilizes a touch sensitive screen for all data input.
The Rad-DXG can be fully integrated into the DX network and monitored remotely via either theDX-Dashboard or DX-View monitoring software.


Mission Gateway Radiation Monitor
Radiation Detector 2-4 seperate scintillation detectors totaling 360-1440 in3
Operating Modes Walk through, drive through, timed count, area monitor
Communication D-tect SensorNet, Ethernet
Audible Alarms Custom configuration for alarm thresholds; if triggered will alarm until operator resets
Display VGA 256 Color touch sensitive screen
Range 0-100,000 cps
Timed Count Adjustable 1 – 30 seconds
Detection Speed < 1 Second
Power 120 - 250V AC, Battery backup nominal 2 hours
Background Adjustment Auto background subtraction for maximum sensitivity
Sensitivity < 2 μCi Cs-137 detection with ≤ 72” (189 cm) between detectors
Environmental -4°F (-20° C) to 140° F (60° C) | 5 - 95% RH
Construction 16 gauge aluminum housing
Housing Dimensions 48” L X 8” W
Weight 83 lbs total
High Voltage 300-1500 VDC +- 1% regulation