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Aperture measurement

All test sieves supplied by Endecotts are measured and inspected, in line with the specified standard, using sophisticated measuring equipment. All test sieves are inspected to fully comply with either:

  • BS 410-1 & 2
  • ISO 3310 -1 & 2
  • ASTM E11
Endecotts uses a fully automated optical measuring machine, which provides an unsurpassed level of precision. Our certificates can be seen as attachments in the “Woven Wire Sieves” section. There are no signatures on the certificates as the operator cannot influence the result of the automatic measuring at all.


All Endecotts measurement apparatus is calibrated in line with specified arrangements which form part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System – Registered with BSI, certificate No FM 24761. The calibration of our optical measuring equipment for mesh <= 10mm is carried out using glass objects which are calibrated by the ‘Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt’ (PTB), Braunschweig, Germany. The calibration of our measuring equipment for mesh > 10mm is traceable to a British calibration laboratory. The traceability to national and international standards is ensured

Certificate of Compliance or Conformity

Compliant sieves are certified in line with ISO 3310-1 & 2 requirements. All Endecotts test sieves are issued with a Certificate of Compliance with a unique, traceable, serial number. Higher levels of certification, providing varying levels of measurement data, as detailed in clause 5.3.2 of ISO3310 – 1 & 2 may be specified by customers.

Inspection Certificate

Inspection Certificate - states the number of apertures measured and the average aperture size, in both directions of the weave. Calibration Certificate – additionally includes the average wire diameter and the standard deviation (or the percentage between intermediate and maximum, depending on the standard to which compliance is assessed) for woven wire mesh. Results are stated separately for both directions of weave. A statement of measurement traceability and identification of the inspection apparatus appears on these certificates.

Mid - point sieves

Additionally, Endecotts supply test sieves, inspected and measured to reduced tolerances (Midpoint) which are 70% of the standard tolerance. These sieves meet the requirements of the specified standard in every respect but provide the end user with a sieve whose apertures are more closely related in size to the nominal. Reduced tolerances are not, however covered by the scope of test sieving standards. Midpoint Sieves are supplied with an Inspection Certificate. Additionally a calibration certificate can also be supplied to give the full results obtained.

Recertification Service

Regularly used test sieves will eventually suffer from 'wear and tear' – which can mean inaccurate results. Sieves should therefore be re-inspected at appropriate intervals to ensure they continue to comply with their intended specification. In fact, regular Re-certification is essential if test sieves are to meet the requirements of the test sieve specification.