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Stand Alone Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer

  • Real time acquisition
  • Standard powder applications
  • No moving parts

Equinox 100. A rugged all purpose bench top style instrument designed for QA applications and routine X-ray diffraction studies. The perfect instrument when space is at a premium. Although the Equinox 100 has been designed for bench top use, its performance is truly excellent and will routinely out perform instruments measuring three times the size and costing twice as much. Mesures are very fast compared with other diffractometers in that the unique Equinox curved detector can measure all diffraction peaks simultaneously and will usually complete an analysis in just a few seconds on many samples, no matter what the resolution requirements are. So there is no waiting around for a measurement to be completed, it takes just a few seconds.

  • Simple to use
  • Very reliable
  • Superb resolution
  • Extremely accurate
  • No alignment
  • No routine maintenance