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Stand Alone Benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer

  • Real time acquisition
  • High resolution detection
  • Texture and stress applications

The Equinox 6000 is a multi purpose X-ray diffractometer designed specifically for high level research applications. The system utilizes an unique tall vertical goniometer in θ/θ or θ/2θ mode with an attached high precision Eulerian cradle. It is the perfect diffraction system for materials science including thin layer analysis, reflectometry, micro diffraction, residual stress analysis, texture measurements. Data is measured in “real time”, which present many advantages in kinetics experiments or combined analyses. Measurements are very fast compared with other diffractometers in that the unique Equinox curved detector can measure all diffraction peaks simultaneously. Due to this acquisition in real time, combined studies are facilitated.

  • Perfect for advanced research applications
  • Very reliable, extremely accurate
  • Superb resolution