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Application Industry

Thermal Power Plant, Cement Plant, Steel Mill.


12~38 t/h.

Final Product Fineness

80 μmR 3%.

Power Consumption of System



Coal mill is a machine that crushes and grinds the coal briquette into pulverized coal. It is important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace. During the coal grinding process, the coal is crushed and its superficial area increases continually. To add new superficial area, the bond between solid molecules must be overcome, so the energy is consumed. The coal is grinded into pulverized coal in the coal ball mill mainly by means of three ways: press, strike and grind. Among them, the first way is the most energy-saving, and the last one most energy-consuming. During the milling process, all kinds of coal mills use two or three of these ways.

Product characteristics

1. less investment, more energy-saving than similar products.
2. easy to operate, safe to use, stable and reliable performance.
3. running stably and continually, the production capacity is great.
Compared with ball mills with the same specification, the yield of coal mill increases drastically, and the finished product is fine, achieving the high-yield and super-fine goal. It provides a new kind of grinding equipment to produce high-quality pulverized coal.

Working principle

Feeding equipment sends the raw coal into louver scraper-trough conveyer of feeding apparatus. While the materials slipping down, the hot-blast air about 300℃ also enters the mill through the blast pipe and stove the raw coal. By means of the kinetic energy while slipping down, the raw coal enters the drying storehouse through the hollow shaft, and then enters the second cabin through the partition after being fully stoved. In the second cabin, there are a certain number of grinding media. Due to the rotation of cylinder, the classifying liner brings the grinding media to a certain height. Taking advantage of the impact energy and frictional energy while falling down, they crush and grind the raw coal. At the same time, the special ventilator sucks the grinded powder and the used hot-blast air out of the mill from its discharging device. The special separator separates the unqualified coarse power from the mixture of fine power and hot-blast air, and sends it back to the mill to grind again. The qualified fine powder and hot-blast air is sent into the rotoclone collector and separate here.

Structure characteristics

The sealing elements between the feeding apparatus and rotary part, the discharging device and rotary part can prevent the powder from leaking. The cooling water moves in the interior of main bearing to cool the bearing bush and abate its temperature. The heat cover on the exterior of cylinder of the mill is not only heat retaining, but also is sound-proofing. The tooth surface of the reducer is medium-hard or hard, so the reducer has good bearing capacity, long life time and light weight.