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Envi Cam 3

A high-performance, dual UV imaging system with on-board computer, Wi-Fi connectivity, spectrometer and interchangeable lenses.


The system can be controlled using a tablet or laptop computer through our bespoke interface. Images can be displayed in real-time on the screen and data stored locally or transferred via USB or Wi-Fi.

Dual UV Cameras

Two co-aligned UV imaging cameras allows for the synchronous acquisition of images at the on and off-band wavelength channels for superior SO2 detection. This enables acquisition frequencies of up to 16 frames/second.


An integrated UV/VIS spectrometer, co-aligned with the cameras permits automatic ambient light compensation. Integrated computer – controls and processes data streams automatically, with internal SSD data storage

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Operate and send images wire-free to smart phones and tablets (Android™, iphone©, ipad©) or PCs using the EnviCam control interface.

Aluminium enclosure

Keeps components secure and protected from harsh environments, while remaining lightweight and portable.


The system can be used to measure SO2 released from a range of sources including industrial stacks, ships and volcanoes and can be used in both research and commercial applications.

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