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Components & features

The NOVO Lookout

The NOVO Lookout

The NOVO Lookout is a module that enables the following capabilities: Live Video - A Live Video stream of the inspected item is transmitted to the tablet (one or more simultaneously) for monitoring purposes. The Camera switches automatically between day / night mode (Infra-red) and leverages the Control Box built-in LED illumination (Infra-red/White) for optimal image quality. A Still Image can also be grabbed for analysis and documentation. Live Audio - Live Audio streaming is sent from the Lookout built-in microphone to the tablet allowing the operator to hear the surrounding area of the inspected item as well as the sound of the Golden source itself. The NOVO Lookout Robots Integration is a tool-free, light weight accessory that is fully controlled by the NOVO Touch Software. It is the only module in the market that is both button free (no need to select the type of X-ray) and can work with Golden Engineering XR150, XR200 and XRS-3 sources (old and new generations).

Robots Integration

Robots Integration

As NOVO's detectors are the lightest of their kind, they allow integration even with small robots while providing excellent manipulation, flexibility and reach. NOVO's system can be either controlled independently, or when necessary - communication and power can be channeled through the robot. When "no human approach" is required, NOVO's systems are the robot's ideal partners.

Control Box

Control Box

NOVO's Control Box provides unique power, communication, X-ray control and lighting capabilities for maximum flexibility in field operation:


The Control Box has a built-in battery that lasts over 16 hours with a built-in battery (tested while grabbing over 1,000 images). When AC is available, the Control Box can receive unlimited power via the communication Cable (standard with any of the Discovery configurations). The Control Box uses a built-in quick charger and a power auto-sense. The auto sense feature allows the control box to switch between AC power and battery power automatically, to charge during system operation.


Wireless Communication: The Control Box has a built-in long range wireless transceiver that can communicate with the detector and one or more tablets (or PCs) simultaneously.
Wired Communication: Full cable connection to the detector, tablet and X-ray source is provided using rugged MIL-DTL 38999 Connectors to ensure a reliable connection in the hardest conditions.
Hybrid Mode Communication: NOVO’s systems can all be used in a range running between fully wireless to fully wired operation.

X-ray Control

The Control Box controls the X-ray source being used, so that the activation can be done safely from a safe distance via the tablet. All Golden Engineering sources are fully supported (XRS-3, XR200, XR150 and XRS-4) both latest generations (5 pin connectors) and older generations (2 or 4 pin connectors). Constant potential sources as well as isotopes like Iridium-192 sources can also be used with NOVO’s systems.


White LED Flashlight can be remotely turned on and off via the tablet or directly from the Control Box. This illumination capability can be used as a flashlight when approaching the inspected object and is helpful for lighting the object and the inspection environment. In addition, the White LED Flashlight acts as a safety feature as an automatic warning flash is activated during X-ray operation.

Mounting Points

Mounting Points at the top and bottom of the Control Box allow simple and safe mounting solution to a tripod or straps when needed.


Weatherproof design ensures reliable operation in all weather conditions. The control box has no moving parts (fan free) for maximum reliability.

Direct Connection

Direct Connection mechanism is available for a fast and safe attachment of the Golden XR150, XR200 and XRS-3 sources directly to the Control Box thus minimizing the number of items taken to the inspected area to two (the Detector and the Control Box attached to the Golden source).

LED Indicators

LED Indicators shows the CONNECTION, DC IN and BATTERY status at all times so you know if your attention is needed just by looking at the Control Box. During Infra-red illumination, the LED indicators are switched off for covert operation.

Audible Siren

Audible Siren is automatically activated during X-ray operation for added safety.

Remote On/Off

Switching the Control Box both On & Off remotely is possible when using wired communication. When using wireless communication, remote switch Off is available as well. These capabilities allow preserving battery power or disabling wireless transmission when needed.