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Hydrogen Storage Device
M266 E40 000

The hydrogen storage device supplies the AP2C with hydrogen. It can be refilled 25 times or used as a consumable.


It is an aluminum cylinder with a shrouded connector that locks into the AP2C’s handle.
The device is filled with hydrogen adsorbed on to lanthanum nickel powder.
The advantage of this method is that a large quantity of hydrogen can be stored without pressure, thus providing reliability in use and storage.
By using a refilling bench, the cartridge can be refilled 25 times with hydrogen (Ref.: M175 E00 000).
The hydrogen storage device can be stored for 10 years.


Size: L 168 mm Æ 26 mm (L 6.61” Æ 1.02”)
Weight: 230 gr
Autonomy: 12 hours
Volume of hydrogen: 24 liters
Operating temperature: -32°C to +55°C (-25.6°F to +131°F)
Storage temperature: -39°C to +71°C (-38.2°F to +160°F)