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Refilling Bench
M481 E00 000

The refilling bench can simultaneously refill from 1 to 6 Hydrogen storage devices. Once the refilling bench has been switched on and initialized, it is completely automatic.


The refilling bench is a standard 6U rack.

The front panel has:

  • An ON/OFF switch with indicator,
  • Six numbered cavities for the H2 storage devices,
  • A LCD display providing several of readings such as:
    • Hydrogen input pressure,
    • Transfilling blocks temperature,
    • Purge state then loading state for each storage device.
  • A command key integrated to the bench enables to follow-up hydrogen storage device:
    • Identification
    • Number of refill
    • Operating status
  • A "reinitialization" hole to use in case a storage device would be stuck in the block because it’s casing has been slightly distorted (for example a storage device at the end of its lifetime).

The rear panel has:

  • A plug for electric supply cable,
  • An H2 supply connection (cylinder under pressure),
  • An orifice for the drained hydrogen exhaust,

The refilling bench is also fitted with an audible alarm warning the operator. This alarm sounds when one or several storage devices are full, or when there is a fault or an hydrogen leak.


Weight: < 45 Kg (not including hydrogen storage device)
Size1 (LxWxH): 500 x 270 x 450 mm (19.68” x 10.62” x 17.61”)
Typical recharge time for 6 storage devices: 1 hour at 20°C (68°F)
Main voltage: 110 V – 60 Hz
H2 supply pressure: 6 bar +/- 0.3 bar (absolute)
Operating temperature: +12°C to +40°C (+53.6° F to +104°F)
Storage temperature: +0°C to + 55°C (+32°F to + 131°F)