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Raman Depolarization LIDAR for Meteorological Applications

The LR111-D300 model aerosol LIDAR is an active laser remote sensing instrument, designed to provide a wealth of information about the atmosphere, including unambiguous detection of volcanic ash. It can also provide detailed information on the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL), including information for air quality and forecasting model validation. With a minor upgrade, the system can provide remote humidity profiling (dusk-dawn only). Raymetrics has been building Raman depolarization LIDARs since 2004. However the final specifications of the LR111-D300 model LIDAR were determined according to Met Office (UK) and EARLINET (European LIDAR Network) requirements. A large telescope and powerful laser make the LR111-D300 probably the most powerful eye-safe aerosol LIDAR available commercially.

Key Features

  • High energy laser emitting ~50 mJ per pulse at 355 nm
  • Large 300 mm telescope designed specifically for LIDARs
  • Range at 355 nm co-polar > 14 km at night, > 12 km during day (with SNR > 10)
  • Range at 355 nm cross-polar > 12 km at night, > 11 km during day (with SNR > 10)
  • Range at 387 nm (Raman) > 12 km at night, > 3 km during day (with SNR > 10)
  • Remotely controllable: up to 3 - 4 months unattended
  • Robust, weatherproof, double-walled enclosure with climate control
  • Rain sensor with automatically closing hatch to protect windows
  • UPS with automatic restart after power outage
  • Temperature and humidity sensors included
  • External camera option available for remote checking of system status
  • Internal and external blowers for removing condensation from windows
  • High quality sub-com ponents used - full specs and details of all suppliers provided
  • Complete software suite including real-time display and measurement scheduling
  • 12 month warranty
  • Minimum 3 day installation and training course on site as standard
  • Compliant with all EARLINET (European LIDAR Network) requirements
  • Eye-safe according to EU standard on laser safety 60825-1: 2007
  • Company certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard


  • PBL structure/mixing height
  • Weather model forecast validation
  • Air quality/pollution model remote data
  • Volcanic ash/smoke/dust identification
  • Volcanic ash layer altitudes
  • Humidity profiling (upgrade - night only
  • Cloud/precipitation measurement
  • Aerosol loading/layering
  • Optical depth (vertical visibility)