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Spectral Luminescent Microscope Regula 5001МК.01

The device is intended for advanced authenticity verification of passports, ID cards, travel documents, visa stamps and seals, including but not limited to entry permits, driving licences, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, banknotes, revenue and special stamps, securities and other documents with security features.
The microscope enables to conduct the following types of expertise: dactyloscopic, ballistic, trasological, handwriting and forensic.

The microscope is constructed in metal body and intended for desktop use. It is operated with the help of the buttons of the front panel or/and Regula Forensic Studio software. The buttons are responsible for the activation of light sources and adjustment of camera parameters in different examination modes. The latter are displayed on the LCD display.
Regula 5001MK.01 has a set of light sources of visible, near infrared and ultraviolet spectral ranges and imaging filters used for carrying out forensic expertise. The microscope enables to capture, process and store digital images of examined objects and perform additional visual control using the binocular nozzle.


  • Manual or remote control of:
    • magnification
    • light sources
    • imaging filters
  • Zooming images of examined objects on the monitor screen via USB 2.0 digital camera (3.1 MP)
  • Viewing fragments of examined objects
  • Capturing, processing and storing images of examined objects on the PC via Regula Forensic Studio software
  • Zooming in and out on the images of examined objects
  • Examination of objects in visible, high-intensity UV or IR light

Light complexes

  • Spectral luminescent. The spectral luminescent light complex is used to examine objects in different spectral ranges due to the position of the light sources relative to the working surface. Light sources used:
    • 7 light sources in visible, IR and UV spectral ranges
    • 4 modes of white oblique light and 4 modes of IR oblique light intended for surface microrelief examination
  • Ring. The ring light complex is used to examine objects under shadowless illumination of white and IR light. Each light source has 7 operation modes:
    • ring
    • semiring (2 modes)
    • quadrant (4 modes)
  • Bottom. The bottom light complex is used to detect watermarks, security threads and fibers, see-through register, continuous printing and to reveal document alterations such as erasure, etching and washing-off.

Special features

  • Relatively small size of the device
  • Compact arrangement of light sources
  • Multilingual interface


  • Border control and immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documentsFinancial institutions

Delivery set

  • Analysis stand which enables to clamp examined objects (bullets, cartridge cases, etc.), to rotate them radially and axially, as well as in the tangential direction (when the movable pincer is taken off).
  • Regula Forensic Studio software intended for capturing, processing and storing images of examined objects
  • Eyepieces:
    • 8X
    • 8X with a measuring scale
    • 14X