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CW28 N

alpha, bta, and gamma floor contamination monitor

The CW28 N is designed to monitor floors contamination.
It has been specially developped for Alpha, Beta and Gamma simultaneous contamination control on small and large surfaces.
The α, β and γ particles are simultaneously detected and discriminated.
Automatic background compensation is performed.
The device can be moved around very easily thanks to its 4 rotating wheels.
Including a high-sensitivity large surface detector, the CW28 N operates without integrated gas bottle, but with batteries, and has therefore a long lifetime.


Radiation type α, β, γ
Detector type gas tight proportional counter 1200 cm² (3 x 400 cm²)
Detection limits for Co60 β source,background 0.1µGy/h
Autonomy 8h
Measuring units cps, Bq or Bq/cm²
Alarm thresholds (with different sound) too high and too low background
Alpha: preset
Beta/Gamma: preset or automatic