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Stand-alone radiation monitoring probe

With the autonomous radiation monitoring probe GammaTRACER the gamma radiation dose is continually registered in the chosen time sequence.
Available types –BASIC, WIDE, HIGH and XL differ mainly for the counter tubes. They cover a broad range of applications, are lightweight and therefore ideally suited for both, mobile and stationary tasks.
GammaTRACER XL incorporates a high-volume GM-tube, which qualifies it for applications requiring high sensitivity.
Energy-saving chip technology allowmaintenance-free non-stop operation of the GammaTRACER probe of typically five years, with extended battery pack up to ten years!
Hermetically closed, it is designed to endure theharshest environments.
Equipped with a radio module, the probes can be used with SkyLINK and ShortLINK systems to offer a new dimension in wireless data collection.

    NEW: XL2 probe version:
  • 1 sec measurement cycle/alert response
  • Up to 3 high sensitivity GM tubes
  • 9 decades measuring range
  • Input for a further sensor
  • GSM/GPS/GPRS/SMS integrated, with up to 10 years battery life


Radiation type X and Gamma
Detector type 2 or 3 Geiger-Müller tubes
Dose rate measurement range 20 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h (XL and XL2 start at 10 nSv/h)
Measurement cycle From 1 second to 120 minutes
Energy range From 45keV to 3 MeV
Integrated sensors Temperature, hygrometry, shocks
Operating temperature From – 20 °C to + 50°C (optional -40 °C to +60°C)
Battery lifetime Up to 10 years
Memorization About 13 000 values (more than 1000 days)
Communication Infrared, RS232/RS485, radio, GSM/GPRS
options additional sensor (rain, wind)