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SPP2 survey meter

High-sensitivity survey meter

The SPP2 is a handheld device specially designed for locating sources, in extremely harsh environment.
Its removable pistol-shaped probe is equipped with a NaI scintillator, for a very high sensitivity and a fast response time.
With its frequency-modulated audible signal, radioactive products and sources are easy to localize.
The SPP2 is a reference field instrument for response teams.


Detector type High-sensitivity 1.5" x 1" NaI (TI) scintillator
Types of radiation X, γ
Energy threshold 30 keV
Display In cps on the galvanometer
Alarm Frequency-modulated sound signal
Operating temperature - 25 to + 55 °C
Water tightness No damage after a 1h immersion
Power supply 3 LR20 1.5V batteries
Battery life time 40 hours