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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with batteries mod. S100


S 100 is a portable, battery operated photometer, working on single wave length. S 100 can be equipped with 340 nm filter for Preventive Medicine use (Phosphorous, GOT, GPT, Urea, CK Nak, CK MB, LDH). As alternative, the instrument can be equipped with 505 nm filter (Cholesterol, Glucose, Uric Acid, Triglycerides). Other reading frequencies are available on request.
S 100 is fully programmable open system. The internal memory allow to store an high number of results, organised by date and time. Internal rechargeable battery pack grant more than 3 hours on field operation. Readings can be done in standard disposable macro cuvettes. Special pre filled reagents are available on request.
S 100 can be used for rural medicine, repetitive test, special test or as simple and accurate portable photometer.

Technical Specifications

Wave Lenght: 505 or 340 nm (other wave lenght available on request)
Measurement Range: between 0 OD and + 2.000 OD
Photometer Accuracy: +/2%
Photometer Linearity: 1%
Power Supply: reachargeable battery pack (battery charger included)
Dimensions: 184x98x45 mm
Weight: appr. 250 gr.m