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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer mod. S1006


S1006 is a fully open system for Clinical Chemistry tests.
S1006 is able to perform End-Point, Fixed Time, Kinetic and Multi standard tests in semi-automatic mode.
It has the capability to operate for single test, multi test and for clinical profiles (hepatic, renal, cardiac, etc.): up to 50 profiles, fully operator customizable, and each profile configurable with 6 tests.
60 different tests are already stored in the internal non-volatile memory; additional 90 tests are programmable by the user.
The instrument is equipped with a 6-position tray for macro-cuvettes (1 cm size) and with 6 interferential filter-wheel at automatic wavelength selection. Six tests, blank included, can be performed in the same run. The built-in 8 position dry-block thermostat selectable at 25°-30°-37° C for sample and reagent incubation complete the multi-test system.
The user friendly software facilitates the communication with the instrument. Results are printed by the built-in thermal printer. USB Interface allows the direct communication to external lab computer and the capability to update the software.

Technical Specifications

Halogen Lamp: 12 V, 20W
Photo Detector: Silicium based (range 300-1000nm)
Wavelength: 340nm - 700nm
Wavelength Selection: Automatic via 6 position filter whell
Reading Time: 1-999 seconds
Incubation Time: 5-999 seconds
Optical Group: 6 interferential filters: 340,305, 505, 546, 578, 630 nm
Photometer Range: 0-2.5 O.D.
Graphic Display: 128 x 64
Printer: Internal; Graphic
External Interface: USB
Cuvette System: 10 mm light path; macro or semi-macro, disposable or special optical glass
Temperature Control: Peltier Elements, 25 C, 30 C and 37 C
Printing Sort: Batch, profile
Power Supply: 230V a.c.; 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 14(L) x 29(H) x 18(H) cm
Weight: 6 Kg