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Cell Counter mod. S8018


S 8018 is a compact fully automatic cell counter system for haematological tests. S 8018 is able to perform simultaneous determination of 18 parameters in automatic mode including the screening of the leucocytes’ formula expressed in percentage and absolute values.
Histograms of RBC, WBC and PLT are automatically calculated and drawn; they can be optionally printed. The user friendly software facilitates the communication with the instrument.
A sub-menu for the Quality Control consists of Control blood data storage and allows Levy Jennings chart drawing.
Alert signals can be set by the user both for clinical and mechanical monitoring. Flags are available for pathological results outside the expected values. Alarms, warnings and capability of auto diagnosis allow to control the instrument in real time increasing the result reliability..
The automatic start-up and shut down as well as an easy and rapid maintenance make the instrument easy to use.
*PC not included

Technical Specifications

Halogen Lamp: 12 V, 20W
Counting Time: 9 sec.
Throughput: 60 samples/hour
Sample Volume: 20 μL of whole blood
Aperture size: 72 μm for RBC-PLT and 100 um for WBC
Accuracy: WBC: <3%, RBC <2%, HTC: <3%, MCV: <2%, HBC: <2%, PLT: <4%
Parameters: WBC - LYM# - MID# - GRN# - LYM% - MID% - GRN% - HGB - RBC - HTC - MCV -
RDW - MCH - MCHC - PLT - MPV - PCL- PDW - histograms of WBC, RBC and PLT
Interface: RS 232
Power Supply: 110/220V; 50/60 Hz; 300VA
Size: 22(W) x 40(L) x 55(D) cm
Weight: 15 Kg. (PC excluded)